1. Responsibility of the users for use and contents

The user takes sole responsibility for access to the web sites and the use made of any information or content therein.

The use made of information, images, contents or products accessible through the site are subject to the applicable laws, be they national or international, to principles of good faith. Illicit use on the part of the USER shall be wholly their responsibility.

The USERS are obliged to make reasonable use of the services and contents of the site on the principle of good faith and with respect to current legislation, morality, public order, good manners, the rights of third parties or LA POSADA DE CHOVAR and to use them for the means and ends for which they were conceived. LA POSADA DE CHOVAR does not accept responsibility directly or indirectly for any damage or loss caused by the misuse of services or contents by USERS or third parties.

2. Information LSSI-CE

In accordance with the article 10 of the current Lei 34/2002, del 11 de julio, de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y del Comercio Electrónico, we state that the person responsible for the present web page is “La Posada de Chóvar”, with NIF B12776803, address: C/ Pozo 26, Chóvar, and with intenet domain name www.laposadachovar.com, is registered in the corresponding registry.

3. Definition of user

USER shall be defined as anyone using the web site and implies a full and unreserved acceptance of the terms and conditions set out in this LEGAL NOTICE published by LA POSADA DE CHOVAR from the moment they access the web. For this reason, the USER should carefully read the LEGAL NOTICE on each and every occasion they use the site as modifications may have occurred.

4. Information about links

“La Posada de Chóvar”, is not responsible for web sites not its own, those accessible through links or any other content placed there by third parties.

Any use of a link to access an independant web site is done at the sole risk and responsibility of the USER. ‘La Posada de Chovar’ cannot recomend or guarantee any information obtained through a link on its site, nor accepts responsibility for any loss, damage or complaint arising from the use of a link, the interruption of service or of access, or the attempt to use or misuse a link either to connect to ‘La Posada de Chovar’ or access information via a link to other web sites from .’La Posada de Chovar’.

5. Information on the use of cookies

This web site uses cookies in some of its pages. The purpose of this is to improve the service that we offer to our clients and visitors.

Cookies are small files of data that are generated by the user’s computer and that permit the following information to be obtained:

The date and time of the user’s last visit to the site.

The format and content that the user chose on their first visit to the site.

Security elements that control access to restricted areas.

6. Limitation of responsability.

The information and services included or available through the web pages could include mistakes or typographical errors. As this information is periodically updated, ‘La Posada de Chovar’ could introduce improvements and/or changes at any time.

‘La Posada de Chovar’ has obtained the information and materials included in the site from sources considered to be reliable. However although all care has been taken to ensure that information is correct, we cannot guarantee that it remains exact and up to date.

7. Information on the exemption of responsability for technical failure and contents.

‘La Posada de Chovar’ declines responsibility in the case of any interruption or malfunction of the services or contents offered on the internet. By the same token, it is not responsible for failures of the network, loss of business due to these failures, power cuts or any other indirect damage that could happen to the user as a result of external forces.

‘La Posada de Chovar’ is unable to guarantee that the service and contents continue uninterrupted or are free from errors, that defects are corrected or that the service and server are free from viruses and other malware. However, we do all in our power to avoid these types of incident. In the event that the user wishes to take certain decicions or actions based on the information provided, it is recommended that the information is checked first against other sources.

8. Commercial and intellectual property.

The contents of the site and the content of other web sites recommended through the site are intellectual property and as such are protected by the laws and conventions applicable to such material.

Any form of copying, distribution, broadcasting, changing, putting at the disposal of and in general any other public exhibition of the web site or its contents is prohibited without the prior and express written consent of ‘La Posada de Chovar’.

All contents that appear in the different websites and especially designs, texts, graphs, logos, icons, buttons, software, trade names, brands, industrial drawings or any other such trademarks of industrial and commercial use are subject to rights of copyright and commercial property of “La Posada de Chóvar”, or of third parties that have authorized their inclusion in other websites.

The contents, images, forms, opinions, indices and other works that form part of the web site, including the software necessary for the functioning and presentation of the same are also protected by rights of authorship and the applicable national and international laws. Failure to comply may result in civil or criminal prosecution.

It is prohibited for the user to exploit or use for commercial gain the contents or services of the site, directly or indirectly in their totality or piecemeal, the contents, images, forms indices and anything else that forms part of the site without prior written consent from ‘La Posada de Chovar’.

“La Posada de Chóvar”, reserves the right to filter when necessary any material submitted to our website, without prejudicing the individuals rights, that could be considered libellous or maliciously false; constitute an incitement to violence; be in contempt of any court, or in breach of any court order; be in breach of racial or religious hatred or discrimination legislation; be pornographic; be offensive, deceptive, threatening, abusive, harassing, or menacing, hateful, discriminatory or inflammatory.

Users that post reviews, sugguestions or opinions on the site of ‘La Posada De Chovar’ via the email facility – unless otherwise expressly stated – accept unconditionally that ‘La Posada de Chovar’ has the authorisation to do as it will with the information; be that the copying, distribution, exhibition, broadcasting in whatever form, storage in hard drives, flash drives or on disc, the digitisation for use in data bases belonging to ‘La Posada de Chovar’, the translation, adaption, arrangement or any other modification of posted comments, reviews or opinions. Therefore it should be understood that the rights of authorship shall be granted freely to ‘La Posada de Chovar’ in the act of posting any such review, opinion or comment and that the user should not expect remuneration from such postings.

It is prohibited to use any technical, logistical or technological means by virtue of which a third party may benefit directly or indirectly, with or without profit from any contents, forms, indices or anything else forming part of the website or brought into being by “La Posada de Chóvar” for its functioning. It is prohibited to make any link or hyperlink to the website without prior express written consent from “La Posada de Chóvar”. Doing so will be considered an infringement of copywrite.

“La Posada de Chóvar”, will not assume any responsibility in the face of consequences resulting from the behaviors and performances before quoted, nor will it assume responsibility for the contents, services, products, etc, of third parties that can be accessed directly or through banners, links, hyperlinks, framing or similar links from the website of “La Posada de Chóvar”.